Progs Page

On this page you will have a look to all the progs i made. All programs are open source, if the source is not include in the archive, send a mail and i will send it to you. I don't put all the proggy i made, cause someone are only algorithm which are not finish or stupid thinks i made very quickly and, i think, have no interest to you.

Differents sections are open and are chronologiquely (i think it's not the good english word :D) classed:

PL/PGSQL (2005)

JavaScript (2002)

ASM ColdFire (Not yet)

PHP (2000)

C++ (1999)

ASM x86 (1998)

PPL (1998)

ASM 68k (1997)

Turbo Pascal (Started in ... ouch too long years ago :) )

Logo =) (Started in ... heum not really a langage :) )

Basic Program on my TI92 and TI82


Tetris - A Tetris only with PL/PGSQL (with bash script for getkey() support). Lets play your favorite game under psql console. Tested under PostgreSQL 7.4.1. screen1 screen2

Tree with Simlink - For our v2 of e-commerce software, we rewrite all the tree algorythm. It "support" some features like simlynk and try to be like a UNIX folder path. Only work on PL/PGSQL and use INDEX on TEXT row for fast SELECT.
At beginning, it was a close source features. But actually, we dont have time to finish it. The features purposeds permit to resolv most of case. I hope that it could help community like community could help me to debug/finish it :). It is version 0.01 under LGPL.



Tetris - A Tetris. PHP for the support of multiplayer. It need to be finish, lot of feature don't really work, and there is some bug. Work only on IE5.0+. Try it.

MiniAnimals - Fast Compo Code for the Synthesis Party 3. The theme was to make a remake a demo like prod from the group MinimAnimals. Work only on IE5.0+. Try it.



Forum - Not Finished, i'm waiting for some graph and some javascript from over friend. It's a very simple forum, very very very easy to install.



Started at school, my only real C++ program was made with more code in x86 than real C++ :)))

Chat - beetwen v0.6 and v0.7 Never finished, i don't have the time to finish it this year cause i allways code it at university and i don't have Borland C++ at home. It's a remake of IRC but use file access instead of network. It is slow, not very nice, but was very use on network at my university cause IPS/SPX packet don't go to all the room. That was the only way (with Winpopup) to speak under Data Processing TP.


ASM x86

I made a lot of algorithm program which not all work :) and lot of little program.

Fast1 - The second fast on #codefr/IRCnet (originaly it was #exe) the subject was "The Wonder World of chemistry" (random choose by Blupingu), there were a lot of people which participate at the fast at that time. Over people think that was a great game :) Try it to see (Text are only for French). But remember that was a fast code compo : 1 or 2 hours.The GFX was from AlexKidd. I remember that when the subject was set, all the coder go on #pixelfr to make "alliance" with some GFX people :)). The slowest people must make themselves their GFX.

Fast2 - Another #codefr (#exe) fast code compo. 3 hours to make It. The subject was "Imagine Win2K". Not finished because not enough time.

Keyboard - A great exploitation of a password hardware program. I put the doc and the source. In fact you cant remove it with another soft, but windows do it. I dont try to see why. Don't forget to remove the file keyboard.exe which not work under windows cause theres a another keyboard.exe in the path and there will be a fight.

Metaball - Like a lot of people i made metaball but in Ascii, that sux a little bit but the algorithm is like real metaball.

Origin - An intro which i never finish to ... a group :) GFX by Isobel.

ARF - Ascii Revient en Force, the suite of the ARG intro presented at the ArfParty 99. Never finish cause alexkidd doesnt want to make again ascii graph.

Fast4 - A another fast compo on #codefr, i made the subject but only two people participate to it. It was a game compo in few hour. The GFX coming from Alexkidd. The subject was : "Nos amis les TOX".

Fractal - A little fractal program in 591 octets (very worse)

4KBoudin - 4Ko Intro Presented at LTP3 (99). Finish 4 on 5 comtribution Graph from Isobel. Name idea from Alexkidd.

ARG - 64Ko intro Presented at ArfParty 99. Finish at the second place ... with second competition. GFX from Alexkidd and SFX from Animist.

Fast3 - Fast Compo made at Volcanic 5. GFX from Alexkidd.



PPL = PCboard Program Langage. That was Yogin / Injection which show me what was a BBS. After some connection i decided to own my BBS, that include to code some program. The blame it was i start to late to really see what was a BBS. The prog i made would make a very great annouce if i code then one or two years before. Like another SysOp, i made a very lot of program to make the boardmore fun, i only put which will could be use again.

The Only Tetris - That was the only tetris on PCBoard, very fun, very great and very fast. Can be play at two player (SysOp vs User) with a integrated pager. Was made with AlexKidd and Cleaner for the ansi stuff. I dont said it when i released it but there is some tips to make a better score or to kill the oher guys in two players mode.

The Wall - The best Wall ever made. Many many function to edit it better than all the other wall. Use it and you will adopt it.

Game Selector - A game selector with Ascii coming from Cleaner. I forgot the orignial package, if someone have it please send it. Very fun and "convivial" for selecting game.

Affiche - I take the idea from RTC ONE (Jedi/Sector One RTC), You can put some answer and over people can respond. I was never go on IRC but it fake its like an IRC. No package, Never relased.

User Edit - A very little proggy which permit to people with a greater level to change the level of over people. Very interesting if you cant access to your board and you must change or accept someone on the board.

FetForen - A idea of AlexKidd with his graph. A animation to see what is your current level.

UserName - A prog to install at the startup which verify if it is a new user or not, i put the source because i dont really rmember how it worked.


ASM 68k

I code only on my TI92 with fargo I on the first version of TI92. I never change the code to make it running on over fargo and on TI92+/TI89, i someone want to make it :) let's do it. That was a little bit difficult to code at this time because it was the start of asm under TIcalc and there were no utils like today. See on for more info.

Snake - My first 68k game. A remake of the a snake (like tron), try to make 1000 points by touching the head. 8 directions, at that time it was one of first game using the capacity of the pad of TI92.

Tunnel - A remake of the game tunnel, not really work cause i dont know at this epok how to change the interruption. In game you will have some problem if you move.


Turbo Pascal

Morpion - A real morpion program where you can fight against the computer. The algorithm is very bad, i put 3 source because i dont remember which really work, assum that you have the compilater which is free on . I made a another program which calculate all the possibility but it doesnt run. If someone have a prog like that, please send it to

Equation - A solver of equation bilan in chemistery. The algorithme was very very bad. First developped under my TI82 in BASIC, that was very great under this but was more fast under computer.



Not really a programmation langage, i start to "code" some scrolling animation with stupid "lève tortue" "avance tortue" on old 386. I lose the source of the scrolling but i have some source in logo for who have a interpreter :)

logo package


Basic TI92 and TI82

I will make only two package, one for TI92 and one for TI82. Ther is no DOC to use them but i will teach what program will be in the package. I loose a lot of program in a bad archive package :/.

TI92 Package :

___________Conversi : Program to convert Hex/Dec/Bin

___________Mendelei : Mendelei Table Program

___________Ge_aop : Stuff to see some AOP equation

TI82 Package :

___________Angle : Calcul of angle of light, with drawing the real angle on the screen

___________Cercle : Tracing a cercle

___________Dessin : Save a Draw under a Matrix, Never finish, in fact it was to compress the draw

___________Dongeon : Really great Game, little to big (~27Ko of memory), try it ... but maybe to hard

___________Equation : Solver of chemistery equation

___________Magic/Revenge : A remake of a game calling Magic something (dont remember the name), the suite of Dongeon, never finish (a little bit to hard to code :)) )

___________Poker2 : A poker Game playing with to player on two TI82, never finish too.

___________Resit : Program to calcul the ohm of resistance with their color